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BodyFokus - what we stand for

BodyFokus – that means natural and innovative food supplements for you and your loved ones. We produce exclusively in Germany, so our products are “Made in Germany”. More than 70.000 customers trust the BodyFokus team as a reliable partner for matters of health, diet and fitness. We develop products with plant-based substances, vitamins and minerals and according to the latest scientific findings, always making sure that they comply with our high quality standards. 

Synbiotic Active Vitality

Because of the modern lifestyle with a lot of stress and high degrees of processing for food, to name just a few factors, your gut has an increasingly thankless job. With SynBiotic Active Vitality, you have found a strong partner for your gut.

BodyFokus SynBiotic Active Vitality contains approx. 10 billion probiotic bacteria from 13 different bacterial strains. In addition, we have added the prebiotic fibres inulin an oligofructose. Prebiotics are components of food that the body cannot digest – generally fibres – that are fermented by microorganisms in the gut.

This combination of pro- and prebiotics is supplemented with the mineral calcium, which contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes and to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and with pineapple fruit extract.

Our guarantee

BodyFokus wants you to be completely satisfied with our products. It is for that reason that we offer a 365-day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee comes into effect on the day you purchase the product from us. 
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