BodyFokus wants you to be completely satisfied with our products. It is for that reason that we offer a 365-day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee comes into effect on the day you purchase the product from us. 

You can return BodyFokus products under the conditions stated below, irrespective of the reason – or even without any particular reason:

Please read the following page very carefully and follow the step-by-step instructions under “How to return your product(s)”.

With our 365-day Money Back Guarantee, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll get the opportunity to test each product extensively if you buy it from us for the first time. 

We would like to explain what we mean by “extensively”:  Please take the recommended daily dose of our BodyFokus products for 30 days (in general, that equals one bottle). Subsequently, you can simply decide whether you are happy with our product or whether you would like to claim under our Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to make a claim under the guarantee, we do not only refund you the money for unopened bottles, but also for the bottle(s) used up in line with the conditions stated below. We leave it entirely up to you when to start your test phase. You have a total of 365 days to check out the product. In case you’re not entirely happy with it, the bottle(s) have to arrive back in our warehouse within this 365-day period.

If you would like to claim under our Money Back Guarantee and return products that you have received in connection with the BodyFokus loyalty programme, this is only possible for the most recent delivery received through the loyalty programme.



  • Write an email to [email protected], stating what you would like to return. We would appreciate it if you stated a reason why you’re not happy with the product. 
  • You can return all types of bottles and different forms of packaging: Sealed, partly empty or completely empty. We ensure the proper disposal of the goods.
  • We recommend that you insure the delivery of the bottles. Please send us an email to [email protected], stating the tracking number you received from the delivery company. This avoids delays and the disappearance of deliveries and you are insured at all times. Please note that you bear all risks of the delivery.
  • You cover the costs incurred by returning the bottles under the Money Back Guarantee.
  • If you would like to claim under our Money Back Guarantee and return the goods as a consignment of goods without paying postage, we deduct the costs incurred by us from the amount to be credited.
  • A realistic and reasonable consumption of capsules, powder or granules is the basis for a refund. If you return an empty bottle 3 days after receiving it from us, we regret to say that we cannot accept it. We want to treat you fairly and expect the same from you in return.
  • With our Money Back Guarantee, we want to give you the opportunity to test our products extensively. Therefore, for several bottles of the same product, the Money Back Guarantee only applies to one opened bottle per consignment. However, you can return an unlimited amount of unopened bottles – irrespective of the product – within the period stated above.


We advise all our customers who would like to claim under our 365-day Money Back Guarantee to follow the procedure stated above. 

In general, it takes approximately one week until the products have arrived in our warehouse and have been checked as a prerequisite for instructing the respective credit amount to be transferred. It can take up to 14 days after the return of the respective product to successfully reverse the booking, depending on the original method of payment chosen by you. 

Please do not authorize a direct debit return for your account, because it would lead to high fees that we would have to charge you with. This does not apply if you are not responsible for the returned direct debit.

Under no circumstances does our voluntary extension of your right to return products impact on your legal right of withdrawal.